Amazing happy birthday to me quotes

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Your Birth day are to be cherished once a year, as it is the point you get a new age… It’s a time you have to say a BIG THANKYOU to God Almighty for making you be among the living.

It is also a day to be cherished with family and friends. How else should we mark a Birthday, other than receiving an adorable happy birthday to me quotes.

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Here it is| happy birthday to me quotes

I am a year smarter, a year older, a year wiser and a year prettier. I am a year ahead of my yesterday and I will make sure that my tomorrow will be different and better than my today. Happy beautiful and amazing birthday to me. I will have dinner t o the fullest and it’ll be a blast

Since I survived yesterday, why won’t I survive today. Since I walked past my pains, why won’t I endure my Sufferings and be hopeful for tomorrow. I just got a year older, and it relatively means that I am growing. Happy birthday to me, and cheers to my addition!

Hurray it’s my birthday!
Who will Clarke me out to dinner?
You, is it you? Nobody?
OK then, I’d take myself out and appreciate my new year and my lovely just got amazing for me and I will sure make this year count still. Happy birthday to me, I’d age gracefully I know.

My mother gave birth to a princess like me, is that not Something to be happy and glad about?i just opened a new chapter of my life and I call it “the age of grace” and surely,i will age gracefully.happy birthday to me, I just became a champion again.

Do you know that I was clothed in rubbies when I was born? Do you know that I am amazing?well,i don’t expect you to because, you are probably jealous, lol. You got to like me still, it’s undeniable that you’d like me. Happy birthday to me, cheers to the new me! And don’t worry, I’d make the best out of this.