Pretty-Pretty happy birthday wallpaper

Before you call her/him, just send this Adorable : happy birthday wallpaper.

Our Birth days are to be remembered annually, as it is that period you become older… It’s a moment you wanna give thanks to Your God for preserving your life.

Your Birth day is also a day to be marked with friend and loved ones. What better way should we celebrate a Birthday, other than send or receive an Amazingly cute happy birthday wallpaper.

In this content, you will get some charming happy birthday wallpaper and Please don’t ask me if you can clone or copy it and send to that special someone…Just Copy it! *lol

Take My Word! You have no idea how this invaluable gesture will get them mesmerized. You will be forever in their prayers and you ‘d be cherished by them endlessly.

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A pretty birthday supply of greatness I wish you. Wait a minute, but you are really growing so fast. Was it not just the other day that, you were just a year old and now, you are 25.its unimaginable how time flies but then, the most important thing is we been useful and living our lives well while we work with time. Have a fabulous birthday party dearest!

You are pretty and you know it, astonishing and you know it. Confident and you know it, intelligent and you know it. And the best part of it is that, you seem to be getting better everyday that tunes by. As long as you’d keep learning dear, you will keep living purposeful life. Happy birthday darling, a pretty pretty greeting I send down to you.

It is your special day dearie and, special days are meant for special people. I pray that on this day, that God in heaven will unlock all the blessings that’s been stored up just for you. I hope you’d keep living sweetheart and that, you’d celebrate more years ahead with us. Happy birthday girl!

The deeds of your days will be forever mapped out in our hearts, your memories can not easily fade are still alive but yet, your legacy and the pace you’ve set still sings praises like you are gone already. This day i wish that, you will live longer than your days for surely, you have been favoured above all. Happy pretty pretty birthday greetings to you.

Birthdays means the continuation of life in a lifetime or of one’s, lifetime. Today marks that day when, you are about to revolve through another phase and have more wins. On this day darling, sure life is all I wish for you and I pray that, your celebration of life continually will not be cut short. Happy birthday dearest, have a fabulous celebration ahead!