Amazingly Awesome husband birthday message

Rock His/Her world by sending Him/her this Lovely : husband birthday message.

Your Birth day are to be marked every year, as it is the time you become older… It’s a moment you want to give appreciations to Your God for his faithfulness.

Your Birth day is also a day to be cherished with your friends & people you love. What better way should we start a Birthday, other than sending an Amazing husband birthday message.

We have compile some charming husband birthday message however Feel Free to copy-edit it and send to that special someone…Just Copy it! *lol

Take My Word! You don’t know how this invaluable gesture would show them you care. You would be forever in their heart and you ‘d be loved by them until/to the end of time.

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| husband birthday message

Happy birthday honey..
I love you,we shall live long enough to see our great_grand children…(Amen)
And we shall ripe the fruit of our labour…
Remember when we newly got married,and I told you you’ll live untill hundred… Well you’re only 55… We still have many memories to make…
I love you John!!

I am grateful God… I bless you lord…I reference you lord… Words cannot really express how grateful I am to God for making me your wife. You’re humble,nice and caring,and because you’re so humble the Lord will uplift you, you shall excel greatly…I love you so much darling,happy birthday.
Happy birthday my king!!

To the world’s sweetest husband,I say happy birthday… May God grant you your heart desires…and make our lives even sweeter…
And our children’s lives too…
We shall live long like our grandparents did…
Yeah yeah…I know
I’ll make your favorite honey… You need not to ask..
I Love love love love you!!

Heyy sleepy head,
Wake up and eat my special cupcake…it’s your birthday today,so I made it…you can eat me too if you want to…I mean you deserve my all..
In good and in bad times you have been there for me…a husband that do not care about what others think,you will live long honey…you will be as wise as king Solomon… You will triumph over evil.
Sickness will not see you my king…Happy birthday.

The age you just clocked today darling will not be used on your grave,your life on earth shall be long. The purpose of your creation, you shall achieve.. Happy birthday old lover…
I know you hate it when I call you old…
But I guess you don’t know, so I’m gonna tell you… You’re even more handsome darling..
I love your grey hairs…
And to top it all…The bible says he who finds a good wife,finds a good thing… But I put it to you today,that she who also finds a good husband,finds a good thing… You’re priceless,the lord will preserve you for me…happy birthday hubby.
I love you so much,and thank you for marrying me…