Amazing long birthday message for girlfriend

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Birth days are to be honoured once a year, as it is that period one gets a new age… It’s that day you want to give appreciations to Your God for his faithfulness.

Our Birth days is also a day to be celebrated with family and friends. How else should we start a Birthday, other than receiving or sending an Amazingly Beautiful long birthday message for girlfriend.

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| long birthday message for girlfriend

Amazing long birthday message for girlfriend

Hey candy, do you know why I call you that? It is because the whole of you is full of honey and sweetness. It is not just about the beauty of your body, but the beauty of your you still remember the day I told you that you will forever remain my candy? Do you think that I will ever stop calling you that? No, I will never.for you have stolen my heart and I don’t want it to be refunded.happy birthday my dear girlfriend and I hope you’d forever agree to be my candy.

Why did you chose me? Why was it me? Why wasn’t it the next man? Why wasn’t it your ex boyfriend. With tears in his eyes,he asked again “why did you not letting me for the guy that worked you down the road with a matrix x, why did you even defend me did I become lucky? Who made this charm on my behalf? The charm to make you fall for me and decide to stick too till enternity ends.why?why?why? Please tell me why!but before that, here’s the first wish for you; may your life be forever crowded with so much sunshine and laughter.happy birthday to the love of my amazing life.

Here is my wish for you today my beauty!
You will soar qbove all of them.
You will be richer than your sisters.
Your enemies will have no choice anymore but to turn to your friends.
All those who said no to you, will have a rethink and call you back.
You will not die early.
Your dreams will come to pass.
Our kids will be as amazing as you.
May the laughter on your face never burn down and,
Keep living for you and I.
Happy birthday my angel!

A lot have walked away from my life,some others left without explanations and remorse.some more have told me that I am not worth the sacrifice but not you. You walked in and changed the clock, making me hate and ask myself “what I ever saw in the other girls that made me fall for came and changed the rules, now my tastes have become so high for it is only you that have the kind of glamour I seek for in a woman.where do you want our engagement party to take place? But before that, let us celebrate you for you are worth the wait.. Happy birthday my queen!

Hey you my yoga queen!do you know why they said that love is blind? It is because of both of us and how we love each other. Now I can’t see anymore, I have suddenly become blind, I have suddenly gone astray and it’s killing me. Come to me my love, come to me let us drink together to this. Let us drink together to our goodwill and say cheers to many more years. Do you know that I’d forever be your king? And you’d forever remain my queen?. Today are for queens and that’s why am going extra miles to say “happy birthday to the woman of my dreams,come let us celebrate to it!

Dear girlfriend, do you you got me hypnotized with your beauty? Do you know that, it’s hard stay without staring at your pictures and mesmerizing about our moments together? Why won’t we be together, what can set us apart? As long as I am alive, nothing can. So here’s my wish for us today, it should be just your day though but I will be selfish again. Here is my wish for us, may we never be set apart. Not by family and not by friends. Not by poverty and not by quarrels.forever we will be together,together and a day more.happy birthday to you my princess, I hope today brings you good.

I still remember everything. I still remember our moments together. I still remember the nights you’d cry and said you are scared to lose me, I still remember how our paths crossed and how nobody thought we’d make it together. I still remember how I cheated and how you forgave me. I still remember what you said to the girl who desperately wants to take your place in my heart and, how I cried when you said “it does not make you mad. Through thick and thin we have survived,how would I ever forget that?. On this day my precious, I want to let you know that you are the most important person in the whole wide world to me and I’d never let another take your place. Happy birthday my baby, hope you’d have fun your own way.

I am jealous over here is my selfish and most favourite lines again “I hope no one falls in love with you, I hope no one likes you,i hope you don’t get popular, I hope nobody see’s you, I hope nobody employs you and I hope you don’t get favours from others. You know the reason why?it is because I don’t want anybody to fall in love with you other than me. I don’t want you to like them back too, I don’t want them to know what I know about you nor see what I have seen and then start to like you too. I just what to be the one for you till enternity, for nobody can like you the way I do.mqybe my desires are selfish, but this how much you now mean the world to me. Happy birthday to you my wifey, I won’t let you fall off.

Don’t let me fall, I won’t let you fall too. Don’t let me cry, I won’t let you cry too. Don’t let me suffer, I won’t let you suffer too. I will always be here to hold us together and make us stand. Thank you for been my pillar, my strength and my fountain of light. You already know my wishes for you, for you equally a residence on my heart. It’s your day, enjoy it in satisfaction.happy birthday to you, the owner of my heart.