Sweetest Ever whatsapp birthday wishes

Start the day by sending him/her this Amazingly Cute : whatsapp birthday wishes.

Your Birth day are to be remembered every year, as it is the point you become older… It’s that day you have to give thanks to God Almighty for making you be among the living.

Birth days is also a day to be cherished with family and friends. What better way should we mark a Birthday, than receiving an adorable whatsapp birthday wishes.

We have put together some lovely whatsapp birthday wishes and Don’t Hesitate to clone or copy it and send to the celebrant…Copy n Send ASAP!

Believe Me! You’d be suprised how this inexpensive show of love would get them mesmerized. You would be forever in their head and you ‘d be loved by them perpetually.

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Here You go| whatsapp birthday wishes

Happy birthday friend, stayed up until 12 just to post and wish you a happy birthday..

To the person whose WhatsApp story I always look forward to viewing,happy birthday.

I am million miles away but can still wish you a happy birthday, thanks to WhatsApp.

Everything I post,my being online always is because I have you on my WhatsApp list,I’m proud of having a friend like…always there to make me laugh… I love you please…
Happy birthday.

You’re the reason why I still have WhatsApp on my phone,you’re always there when I need someone to talk to…thanks for always being online for me.

Happy birthday girlfriend…we opened a group just for you,no matter the distance or number of friends we make,you’ll forever remain in our heart darling…we love you.

Happy birthday son, surprised your momma is wishing you on WhatsApp yeah?
I too stayed up to post your pictures like your friends will do..I love you so much baby.

To world sweetest,cutest,most caring and handsome kid brother I say happy birthday… I know it’s not enough just wishing on my WhatsApp story, so I’ll send you messages each hour ..until today ends..
Big Sis loves you.